Hoke County
Board of Elections
227 N. Main St. - Raeford, NC

2003 - 2005 Board of Elections Members
Chairman -John Whiteford Jones
Secretary -Jan Dial Smith
Director -Caroline Shook
Member -Delbert Lee Minshew


Filing for Candidates
2004 Candidates - April 26th - May 7th (12:00)
Soil and Water - June 14 - July 2 (12:00)
Board of Education - July 5 - August 2 (12:00)
Absentee Voting begins - May 31st
Registration closes - June 25th
One-Stop Voting - July 1 - July 17
Primary Election Day - July 20th
Canvass - July 27th

Secondary Primary
(If needed) - August 17th
Canvass - August 24

General Election
Absentee Voting begins - September 13th
Registration closes - October 8
One-Stop Voting - October 14th - October 30th
General Election Day - November 2
Canvass - November 9

The absentee ballots
shall be available 50 days prior to the election,
or as quickly as possible

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The county board of elections is made up of a three member board, with one member serving as their chairman and one member serving as their secretary. They hold regular monthly meetings, as well as other meetings required by law.

The county board of elections registers voters and conducts elections. As part of that responsibility, the board engages the director, other office personnel, and the precinct officials to carry out that duty.

The county board also sets precincts lines, arranges for a polling place in each precinct, advertises elections, examines petitions for elections and for candidates, prepares ballots, provides precinct supplies, hears challenges to the qualifications of voters, hears appeals from people who have been denied registration, issues absentee ballots, receives local campaign contribution reports, determines election results and certifies winners, and all other necessary things to carry out this responsibility. The board may investigate alledged misconduct in the county and report its findings to the State Board of Elections.

In counties with more than 14,000 registered voters, the county board office must be open full-time on all five weekdays. Hoke County currently has 18,000 registered voters, and the office is each weekday.

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