Proper Using of a Credit Card – Top 10 Tips

Knowing how to use travel credit card is a question that many people ask. Periodically in the life of a person, can happen the situations when money is urgently needed. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to predict some circumstances and get ready to troubles in advance. Fortunately, today we have credit cards, which can be our sheet anchor. Anyone can get a plastic in any bank absolutely for free. And it can be not an ordinary credit card but a completely universal plastic that allows you to quickly withdraw credit funds, enroll, store or withdraw your money. But how to use a credit card smartly? Let us get all this straightened out.

Read Agreement Attentively

Everyone knows that before you signing a contract, it is necessary to read its contents carefully. The same applies to the bank documentation and the conditions with which you will have to agree to receive and subsequently use the credit card. It is sometimes difficult to find “your” bank and the credit card that benefits you. But using a service with a good selection of credit cards – effectify – will help you to solve a dilemma.  

Activate Online & SMS Banking

Today, in each bank, a service of Internet banking and SMS-informing is provided. It is better to have these functions activated in order to monitor the state of your bank account and have access to all transaction logs. The SMS-informing will always keep you informed of all incoming and outgoing transactions with your card and show the balance on the account.

Think about Withdrawal Limits

Usually when you receive a card, you can remove any withdrawal limits set for it. However, this parameter should be well considered in advance. Therefore, the limit must be such that you are able to pay the debt for a maximum of 1 year without special restrictions.

Do Not Record a Pin Code

To use a credit card, you will receive a packet with a special pin code. Many people make a big mistake when they write down the numbers of this code on the back of the card. But it is better to keep a pin code in your head.

Specify a Commission

Another important question that should be asked when obtaining a credit card is whether there will be any commission for not using the credit card. The fact is that in some banks you will be charged with a certain amount for having a card without even using it.

Forget about Cash

Many people prefer to store their savings not in the form of cash but on bank cards. And this is very reasonable because in this case your money can not be stolen or lost without knowing the codes and passwords.

Pay with a Credit Card

When paying with a credit card in a store, you are not charged with a 3-7% commission, which is usually taken from your bank account when you withdraw money in ATMs.

Benefit from Bonus Programs

One more reason for using a credit card instead of cash is a special bonus program. So, usually when you issue a card, you get a list of stores and services offering a special cash bonus associated with the payment that goes to your account. 

Do Not Give a Card to Other People

Do not give your card to anyone for temporary use. For example, when paying for services in cafes or restaurants, pay by card in person, without giving it to someone from the service staff.

Issue a Separate Card

If you often make orders in some online stores, then for payment, it is better to get a separate debit card without using a credit card for online payments.